Today’s rant

So, today I heard on the radio that New Jersey is now the 5th state in the union to recognize same-sex domestic partnership. That means that in only the past 8 months 1/10th of the union has voiced that homosexuals should have the same rights as heterosexuals to make their committed relationships legal and to have the benefits that go along with that legal committment. So, President Bush has decided that we need a new amendment to the constitution that over rides these state laws. He said if judges are making inappropriate choices and forcing their views on the people of the US by making same-sex domestic partnership legal, we have to step up and amend the constitution. Wait, isn’t that just George forcing his own views on me?? And, isn’t the voice and views of the people the reason why these states are changing their laws in the first place?? Plus, it doesn’t matter what his view is of the ‘sanctity’ and ‘holiness’ of marriage. Because, if he gets his religious views out of the way (seperation of church and state, right??) what’s left is whether a committed couple (gay or straight) should be able to legally recognize their union. That’s what it is…a piece of paper that says we can now share health insurance, bank accounts and responsibility in each others lives. So what exactly does the Prez. have to lose by allowing this? So many politicians (many of whom have mistresses) talk about the need in America to preserve the nuclear family. Baloney!! How many of you know anyone in a “normal” nulcear relationship anymore? What’s “normal” now is whatever you want it to be…single parents, married with kids, married without kids, divorced, step parents and yes, gay relationships. And I would much rather my daughter learn to accept love where she finds it and love well, than to ever stay in any un-loving relationship just because her government says that she is wrong to love in any way but the way they deem constitutional. That’s my rant…I’ll get off of my soap box now.
PS. in a couple of days, congress will vote on an amendment to the constitution to permanently deny marriage equality to same-sex couples. Please voice your opinion before it is too late.

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