Sustainable Living

Many of you know that we are trying to live our life and build our home more sustainably. We have converted our Jetta to Biodiesel, we are composting all our food scrapes with worms, we are working on making our house passive solar…So, I found this great site today, Path To Freedom. It’s run by a family that is trying to live a sustainable life in urban California. “Our objective is to live harmoniously and sustainably as possible in the midst of the city. On our urban homestead project incorporates many back-to-basic practices, permaculture methods, and appropriate technologies for our present circumstances. We minimize our car use, buy in bulk, prepare seasonal meals from our garden, and much more! We enjoy sharing our knowledge and helping others develop along their journey.” The website also has links to all kinds of do-it-yourself projects that anyone can incorporate into their lives. You should check it out! It has some fantastic information.

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