The Good, the Bad, And The Ugly

As I got into my car yesterday, I noticed a green bug near the trunk. I figured it would fly away when the car started moving. I didn’t think about it again until an hour later when I got back in the car (after running some errands and driving at speeds up to 60 MPH!). It was now on the windshield! Well, this time, I really figured it would fly away when the car started moving, since the wind was in its face. But, as I started getting up speed, it settled in and held on as tight as it could! Before I got on the highway, I even pulled off the road to try to get buggy to move! But, no dice! So, I started up again, this time a little more concerned for my green friend that might be pavement food if it couldn’t hold on until we got home. So, I started driving a little slower and paying more attention to buggles than I really should have. I pulled over again and tried to pick him up and bring him inside! But all he did was turn a little (I couldn’t get a good hold of him…well, I was a little too squeamish to try!). So, I got back in the car and started cheering bugglesby on!! “We’ve only got four more miles! Come on, you can do it!! We’re past the worst part now, hold on tight!!” I must have looked pretty stupid bouncing around in the car, cheering on this bug on my windshield while driving at least 10 below the speed limit. But, I figured, after all that effort, the poor thing needed to get back home and have a good meal and sleep a little!! And I couldn’t give up on him! (You’ve all seen “A Bug’s Life”, right?) So, we finally made it home…tired and worn out! I didn’t know what kind of bug it was, so I brought it out some spinach hoping it would like a good green leaf. After doing a little searching, I discovered that my friend is a female Katydid (with amazing muscle power!).


So, since we are on the subject of bugs that I can’t identify…I found this crawling up our window screen the other day!! Anyone have any idea what it is?? It looked like a type of catepillar, but stuck on it’s back half was either a curled up leaf, or part of a pine cone, or something….really wierd!! (sorry for the blurry pic.)

OK, for those of you who are still with me, the pictures are getting better!! I took this outside the house yesterday morning…

OK, this is for all of you who endured the bug pictures!! This is Max, taking full advantage of the sun coming through the skylights!! He’s so deprived!

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