Cooking with the Sun

I bought a ton of tomatoes yesterday so I can dry them. (We don’t have any producing plants yet, since we just moved. But, I did buy local!!) Anyhooo, I have a food dehydrator, but I hate plugging the thing in and leaving it running for hours on end…what a waste of electricity. So, today I built a Solar Dehydrator!! I’m very excited to use it! It was very easy and fast to build and if it works well, I may try to build one out of wood instead of cardboard. I’ll post a picture when I have it up and running.

Toby got back from Asheville last night! Yay!! It’s nice to have him home! While he was there he harvested the last of the garlic we planted last Fall. So, we now have 7 different varieties of hard and soft necks originating from places all over the world!! Cool, eh??!! I don’t know too many people who don’t like garlic (actually, I don’t know any)! (NOTE: If you are expecting a holiday gift from me and don’t like garlic, please let me know :-))

4 thoughts on “Cooking with the Sun

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  2. Maria, Your blog is so fabulous. I really enjoyed reading it on this slow Friday afternoon at OWS. You’ve got so many great ideas and neat plans in the works. It’s inspiring. I’ll keep checking in on it.

  3. Hey, did you ever end up building a wooden one? I think I’m going to have to build one for myself. Last year I got really in drying tomatoes because I had more than I knew what to do with. I used the oven on its lowest setting. But there is no sense in making the house any hotter in the middle of summer!

    I’ll probably try out a cardboard version first too.

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