A Student Again

Well, I am just about to wrap up my second week as a Master’s student. So far, I am really enjoying it. It has been nice to get out of the house and be in a more mentally stimulaing environment. Not that being a mom isn’t mentally stimulating, but you know what I mean. Plus, I am only taking two courses this semester, so I am not away from the little pooper for too long. However, K and Toby are having a rough time with me being away. K doesn’t seem to mind when I leave, but she is a bit more demanding on Toby when I am gone. And when it comes to nap time…forget it!! Yesterday, it took 45 minutes of her crying before she would finally go to sleep (even though he was laying right there with her and reading to her). Poor thing!! I feel so guilty! Plus, Toby is getting very little work done during the day, especially since she isn’t taking her naps. So, we are thinking about hiring a nanny to help out part-time. I never thought I would be someone to have a nanny, and definitely not one who could afford one! But, if Toby could actually work instead of watching K when I go to class, that would be 15 more hours of pay! I know this won’t solve the nap problem, I think only time will do that. But, atleast a nanny could devote her time totally to K…she could take her to play dates and on outings and do stuff that would help her work off some energy during the days. I think this would be a benefit to her. It’s so hard trying to raise a child in this society that supports such seperateness. What I mean is, and I don’t want to sound like Hillary Clinton, but, I should take a community to raise a child. It benefits everyone to have the help of family and friends in caring for the next generation and teaching them right and wrong. So, I guess, we will start our own little contorted community and hire a nanny. We’ll see…

One thought on “A Student Again

  1. It IS frustrating – hope you find a workable solution – and a wonderful nanny! My family is no cakewalk to be around, but having then there to help with kids is a big consideration as we look to buy a farm..

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