Well, we’ve perfomed a miracle! Just call me Saint Maria :-) My precious, frequent-patron-of-Mama’s-All-Night-Dairy-Bar daughter slept through the night the past two nights!! From 7:30pm until 6:30am, K slept without nursing!!! For those of you that don’t know K, this is an amazing feat! We have been co-sleeping since she was born and if mama, let me rephrase that, if the boobs are in bed with her, then it means she needs to be on them!! Especially in the wee hours, when she would nurse continuously! So, I bought a twin mattress and put it in K’s room. My plan was to get up from the family bed when she started getting boobie needy, leave her in there with Toby, and go sleep on the bed in her room. If the boobs aren’t in bed with her, she sleeps fine. Well, Toby was taking a nap in our room the other night when it was time to put K to sleep. So, I nursed her to sleep on the bed in her room and planned on just bringing her to our bed when she woke up. But, she didn’t wake up until the next morning!! So, we tried this again last night and it worked again! We are floored! Yeah, we miss snuggling next to our sweet baby, but hey, I don’t even notice she’s gone, ’cause I am actually asleep!! Novel concept, eh?? Sleeping in a bed!!

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