Fall fun

Aside from the mental tribulations of how to best lead satisfying lives, we had a wonderful weekend!! On Sat. we went to a friends house for pumpkin bread, lentil soup and apple cider, followed by pumpkin carving! It was great to be out and social! Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in our house doing chores all the time (if max would just learn to poop out side, we could get rid of that stupid litterbox!!).

Then on Sunday, we drove out to Silk Hope for the Shakori Hills Music Festival. Toby was helping at the Biodiesel table, while K and I roamed. She loved the music. Especially the woman singing in spanish…she was mesmerized. There were also lots of people doing face painting and henna. So, of course, K needed to get a painting…

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3 thoughts on “Fall fun

  1. Maria, We’ve been doing a reevaluation of our lives as well, so I do completely understand what you are going through!!! I hate feeling like I’m trapped by housework! I ended up taking FlyLady’s system (www.flylady.net) and modifying it to my needs. This has helped SO much!!!

    Also, I totally want to do that biodiesel thing to my Honda Civic! Would it work with a Civic? That is just so completely awesome!!! :)

  2. Mary, I wish biodiesel was something that you could run every car with. But, it has to be a diesel engine to begin with. Rudolf Diesel originally invented his engine to run off of vegetable oil. So there are only a few modifications you have to make.

  3. Hi Maria, I’m just responding to your comment you left in my blog. I can’t find your e-mail address anywhere!!! Anyway, you said….

    “Mary, it is so important to know this stuff! Coming from a non-military family, I have no idea about this and I’m glad you posted it! It adds fire….”

    I would like to add, and I’ll probably do it in another post as well, that the reason the vast majority of the military votes Republican is because we do get pay raises at least once a year, sometimes twice, if there is a Republican president. They are better minded that way. When Clinton was president, we fell so far under the poverty level that it was pathetic. With Bush in office, we have gotten over $400 more a month. We still fall under poverty level, but less so now.

    It’s unrealistic of me to think that either candidate will change this, except that Bush will continue to give us payraises. Kerry has voted against them consistently, saying they are unnecessary, considering our other benefits (healthcare, travel, etc).

    So, while my frustration with the system is huge and probably understandable, I would still vote Republican based on the track records.

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