Halloween 2004

We had a jam packed weekend with parties, family and friends visiting, and soap making! On Friday night, we went to a Halloween costume party being thrown by the Biodiesel Co-Op that we are a part of. Toby actually went dressed as one of the head-honchos of the Co-Op and it was hysterical!! He put on glasses, brushed his hair down and wore a Biodiesel t-shirt. That’s Toby on the left
I was a Flower Fairy and K was a bumble bee. Here she is with her cousin Meredith at the local Halloween Carnival.

Before the Sunday festivities, Toby and I made some soap. We haven’t bought soap in over 4 years!! Our favorite recipe is Pepermint-Poppy Seed Soap. MMmmmm Although, sometimes we put a dash too much peppermint essential oil and it gets a little too tingly for those ‘special’ areas :-) I am thinking about making a coffee soap…for those of you out there trying to cut back on your caffeine. Just shower with the coffee soap and the smell with perk you right up!! Like those ‘zest-fully clean’ commercials.

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