Happy 2005!

To start off the new year right, K has decided to take on a new favorite word: Frog. (Yes, she can say big words like ‘marshmellow’ and ‘butterfly’, but she likes ‘frog’ better) And it is very cute when she says it, except that she doesn’t fully pronounce the ‘r’ and the ‘g’ sounds like a ‘k’. So, we get more of a f!%* sound. Which I have to say is also quite amusing to hear as we walk through the hardware store and she points out the toy frog and yells “TOY F!%*, TOY F!%*!!!”. To which I follow with “yes K, that is a FROG. Can you say FARROOOGGGGAH?” To which she follows with a look of “duh, mom, I just said it!!” and pronounces loudly and proudly “F!%*”(She is having a bit of an issue with inserting an ‘h’ into the word ‘sit’…but we are working on that one too.) :-)

One thought on “Happy 2005!

  1. *giggle*..too much fun..my girl pronounced truck the same way..(hubby owns a truck…) and my youngest said fish for a while that sounded much closer to *itch..(that provided hours of entertainment for the older siblings as they constantly tried to coherse him to say that “word” one more time..)

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