Glued to the TV

I have something to confess. Yes, I have been busy with the business and all. But, things have recently calmed down and I still haven’t been keeping up my end of the blogging. You have my husband to blame. Two Sundays ago (the 20th), we were all feeling tired and in need of a good ‘veg-out’ night. So, he decided to give me my birthday present early…the first season DVD of ALIAS. See, I have just gotten into the show, now in it’s 4th season, and I am totally lost. Who is Rumbauldi? Why was Sydney missing for a year? Is Slone a good guy or a bad guy??? So, for the last week and a half, all of our spare evenings and most lunch hours have been filled with double-agents, plot twists, and lots of kick-boxing! We are both totally hooked! Everytime we hear the theme song we get a little adrenalin rush and one of us will pick up the cat and make him do the “ALIAS dance”. (We’re not so sure he likes it, but he needs the exercise). So, Monday we finished the first season…all 22 episodes. :-) Last night, Toby went out and rented the first disk of season 2…4 episodes…done! AHHH, I’m an ALIASoholic!

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3 thoughts on “Glued to the TV

  1. We watched it for the first season, then got annoyed by all the plot twists…ya miss one episode and we were lost)but we are watching again. I love the kickboxing scenes..and I want that body hahaha ( I need to find a good picture of Jennifer garner and paste my face on it to look at when I go

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