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This afternoon, while Toby was out of town and K was playing at her cousin’s, I went and got a facial!!! (Thanks mom for the gift card!) I had never had one before and it was heaven. I actually fell asleep! After the facial, I headed home for some alone time! I got all my seeds in the mail today, so I broke out the potting mix and planted some kale, lettuce, chard and tomatoes in flats. If you are reading my site for clues as to when to plant stuff in your flats, don’t do what I do. I have no idea what I am doing. I have never grown stuff from seed before. I usually run out to the garden shop at the last minute and grab whatever scraggly vegetables they have left. I have never been ahead of the game with my garden. Here’s why: early spring 2004 – house on the market, traveling every weekend to house hunt, finally took our honeymoon in April…in Tobago for 3 weeks. Missed every planting opportunity. Early spring 2003 – very pregnant, put a few veggies in the ground but let them get taken over while I tried to care for a newborn. Early spring 2002 – spent 3 weeks traveling out west, too enthralled with my new boyfriend to care if my veggies were covered in powdery stuff. So, you see, this year is going to be different!! Wish me luck!

5 thoughts on “Today in the garden

  1. Wow – another similarity :)! “finally took our honeymoon in Aprila|in Tobago for 3 weeks” We went to Tobago for two weeks, then took the ferry over to Trinidad and stayed with E’s family for another week or so – it was all lovely. (E is Puerto Rican/Trinidadian)

  2. This year will be my first non-container garden since I got married and moved into Army housing! So, we’ll learn together. :)

  3. This is so funny because I just wrote something similar at my garden blog! I usually do the same thing-run out last minute and buy whatever I find! I am starting from seeds this year too (well, attempting to anyway-I really wanted heirloom and organic veggies for the gardens and in my area this seems to be the best way to get them :-)

    Good luck with your seeds and let us know how they are doing!

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