Feng Shui Gardening

We got out in the yard early today and finally got the garden beds put together. I still need to put down more mulch in between the beds, and we need to put up the fence. But, the beds look great, don’t they? Very Fung Shui!

We cut some cedar to make as fence posts. But, the water level seems to be really high in this part of the yard. So, the bottom half of the post hole is just mud. We need to rethink what we are going to use… I guess metal posts.

Most of my seeds seem to be doing pretty well. The kale, lettuce and tomatoes are growing great. (Except my cherry tomatoes). The chard isn’t putting on a great show, so hopefully I can get a few more growing before time to transplant. This is my first attempt at growing from seed. So, so far so good, really.

Well, my body is exhausted from working in the yard all day! I’m off to veg in front of the TV!

3 thoughts on “Feng Shui Gardening

  1. I loved seeing a picture of your house!!! What a pretty little homestead you have!!!

    Very cool gardens too! :)

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