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I hate trying to think of catchy titles for my blog entries!!

Anyway, check out this bunny my sister, Carla, sent K. Carla doesn’t ever plan on having children. So, she uses K as an outlet for spoiling :-) Isn’t it the cutest bunny ever??? I know that I didn’t start this blog to just post pictures of my child and her toys, but this is a cute bunny! I want one my size that says “I ‘heart’ Maria”!

Now, if Carla would just send K some proper shoes… My deprived child likes to go around the house wearing these…

Yes, they are kitchen gloves! (And, I’m just kidding Carla, we are well stocked on shoes. Thank you!)

One thought on “Insert Title Here

  1. Oh, that is so funny and cute! I love the rubber gloves shoes–they look like rubber chicken feet :-)

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