I was just sent a review of one of my herbal products (B’s Balm), but it is in French. Can anyone translate?

Je m’en doutais avant d’essayer mais l. vraiment c’est le pied. Le baume tient bien toute la journ?e, la peau du ventre ne tire plus, la poitrine est bien hydrat?e! M^me ma Lola de 2 ans se fait des massages de ventre avec!
En plus l’odeur me rappelle celle du petit d?j’ aux Etats Unis… les flocons d’avoine…
Le pot m’a dur? . peu pr?s 3/4 semaines en l’utilisant chaque matin. Du coup, j’en ai recommand? 3 pour stocker… 😉

I tried using Google’s Language Tools for translation, but this is what I got :-)

I ADORE!!!!!! I suspected it before testing but there really it is the foot. The balsam holds well all the day, the skin of the belly does not draw more, the chest is well hydrated! M^me my Lola 2 years is made massages of belly with! In more the odor that of small the d?j’ in the United States recalls me… the rolled oats… The pot lasted me about 3/4 weeks by using it each morning. Blow, I recommended 3 of them to store…;)

I don’t think that is what she meant :-) :-)

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  1. Here’s what a friend came up with —
    I myself doubted it before trying it but truly its (the best). The relief lasts all day, the skin on my stomach doesn’t burn, my chest is moist. And my two year old Lola makes stomach massages with it. And also, the smell reminds me of breakfast in the U.S…. oatmeal. A pot (container) lasts about 3 or 4 weeks if used every morning. Thus, I have recommended 3 of them to save….

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