Catch up!

We had a wonderful past 4 days in Charleston, SC visiting with Toby’s dad and some friends. K had a blast playing in the sand and waves. We ate great meals from the garden, lots of squash, salad and stuff. (But, I countered that with about 5 hundred cookies!! No, seriously!!) Toby and I got to see Batman Begins on IMAX big screen!! It was pretty cool! Definitely the best of the Batman series so far. The ride to/from Charleston was pretty long, so we sang lots of songs for K. As a result, she has learned most of her ABC’s. Except she skips “K” and thinks LMNO are “ella” and “menna”, two entirely new letters :-) We ran out of songs by hour 4 in the car and started singing things like “clap on…. clap off…. clap on, clap off…. the clapper!” She loved it!

Now, I am playing catch up. I am going to be doing a small talk for k-2 graders (then 3-5 grade next week) on herbs. A friend of mine owns a farm and has started doing farm school for kids. There are ducks, chickens, small horses, cows, flowers, veggies. It will be fun. I think I will talk about what an herb is (‘weed’/food/medicine) and take them on an herb walk. It’s only going to be 20 minutes so I can’t get too indepth. Plus, I imagine they are going to be a little excited about the horses and cows. :-) Wish me luck.

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  1. Oooh! Now that sounds like a blast. I hope you have a great time with the kids, and I’m glad you enjoyed your trip to SC!

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