Helping hurricane victims

I am trying to pile together some things to take to the local shelter collecting items for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Aside from canned goods, I am also putting together some herbal first aid kits (I hope they take them). I have some herbal betadine, herbal styptic and lots of soap. If you are trying to find a place to take donations just google your city’s name and ‘katrina’ and ‘donations’ and you will find something. I know that Red Cross, food banks, and many grocery stores are accepting donations. If you are feeling too poor, or don’t think just one person can make a difference, then just imagine you are a new mom sitting in a shelter with 45,ooo other people around you… you have no food for you or your child, no fresh clothes, no clean diapers, no medicine, basically none of the three necessities for life: food clothing and shelter, nothing, and it might be months before you can reliably count on any of these things to be there. Now, go donate!

Addendum: OK, so I just called the local donation place to ask about bringing my stuff and they said they don’t want it! I don’t have my soaps wrapped in any way, and I can totally understand that they may not want those right now, since they don’t know what they are getting, but with the styptics and betadine and other herbal medicines, they don’t want them because they feel people will be unfarmiliar with the items and not know what to do with them (they do have labels with directions!) and would rather me go out a buy things at the store to donate. Kind of frustrating…

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2 thoughts on “Helping hurricane victims

  1. that is frustrating. what i think would be great is if a bunch of herbalists in the area would physically take their products onsite, and start distributing them to individuals, stopping to explain how to use each item. now, wouldn’t that be awesome? teaching and healing at the same time!

  2. WOW! I love that idea! I’m going to toss that around with Toby and see what he thinks about a little trip. I would be worried to take Kaia into all that though.

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