Birthdays, celebrations and house crap

Toby’s birthday is today, so K and I got up and made him some breakfast, and brought it to him in bed. Then, tonight we got some Thai food (one of his favorites) and I made an “applesauce raisin spice cake with maple cream icing” MMmmmmm.

We are also preparing for our equinox celebration. We made our indian corn necklaces today, and then wore them to the grocery store where we got lots of compliments. We also planned out our menu… I am making spiced apple bread, garlic mashed potatoes and gravy, swiss chard casserole and maybe some turkey. We are going to a friends house tomorrow for dinner (we are having our big celebration tomorrow ’cause Toby won’t be here on the equinox), and then to a huge bonfire on Sat. I am really enjoying having celebrations with the seasons! It just makes so much more sense to me.

OK, so the house crap. We sent a letter to the x-buyers letting them know that they had broken the lease and did owe us earnest money, since their reasons for breaking the lease weren’t legal as far as the contract goes. We just got a letter this morning from the x-buyers with the general tone of ‘you guys are idiots and will never win in court with your frivolous claims. We told you we can’t get financing and won’t be able to buy the house. we are right, you are wrong, Suck it!’ Well, had they actually told us that they couldn’t get financing, that would have been a whole different story! My feeling is that they went out and asked someone to deny them credit so that they could send the letter to us. Who knows. ‘Cause otherwise, why would you say “well, we just don’t want to have two mortgages and we may not get approval from the builder” and other crap like that. A simple “we can’t get a loan” would have ended it right there, no questions asked. Oh well, we are totally over it and don’t feel like pushing anything. If it was a missunderstanding, whatever… If they did get someone to give them a ‘no credit’ note after we sent them the letter asking for earnest money… well, Karma baby.


2 thoughts on “Birthdays, celebrations and house crap

  1. Hi Maria, I know what you mean about celebrating with the seasons making so much more sense. It is how I “discovered” I followed pagan beliefs too!

    Your celebration sounds like fun! I should have made corn necklaces with Shawnee; he is very much into the wheel of life celebrations (e.g. loves “Moon-Pie”-his name for the full moon!)

    We are celebrating Friday so his dad can be at our thanksgiving feast!

    PS: the applesauce siced raison cake with maple cream icing sounds yummy-can you post the recipe??? 😉

  2. Dinner sounds yummy. I’m sure it was enjoyed. I will celebrate Mabon this weekend at our local Pagan Pride Day. We always have ritual along with loads of vendors, workshops and fun. I’m envyous that your mom is in Salem. That would be my dream vacation, rain and all.
    Enjoy your week.

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