What you would hear if you were a fly in our car.

“Mmmmm, Mommy, I’m eatin’ my boogers!”
“Eww, gross, K, don’t eat your boogers. They’re not food”
“Yes they are, mommy! Boogers are food!”
“No, K, boogers aren’t food”
“Yes they are! Boogers are food. They are for eating! Mmmm!”
“K, boogers aren’t food! They are to keep out the buggies and colds and stuff. Don’t eat them!”
“Boogers are food Mama!”
“K, listen, I promise to stop eating my boogers if you stop eating yours!” :-)
“But, Mama boogers are food!”

Yesterday’s conversation in the car went something like this:
“Mama, I want a sometin snack”
“Do you want some crackers?”
“I want some qwackers”
“It’s crackers, K, not qwackers
“I said qwackers, mama!”
“No, K, it’s crackers.”


2 thoughts on “What you would hear if you were a fly in our car.

  1. You’ve gotta love and treasure those conversations!

    I love your recipes … they look both healthy and decadent. I’ll have to give these a try.

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