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7 Things I plan to do
1. Get another tattoo someday
2. Take a trip to Italy
3. Re-learn Italian
4. Start flossing
5. Dance more
6. Go on a date with my husband sometime in the next century!
7. Stop spending so much time at my computer :-)

7 Things I can do
1. Make an italian red sauce from scratch without a recipe
2. Stupid party tricks with my double jointed arms
3. Be very cynical and sassy
4. Tie a cherry stem into a knot with my tounge
5. Grow almost anything
6. Spell my name in heirolyphics
7. Mumble alot

7 Things I can.?do
1. Hard core exercise (lung issues)
2. Be idle
3. Get off this damn computer!
4. Read fast
5. Stop my nose from running! (allergies)
6. Get rid of those last 10 pregnancy pounds!
7. Seem to finish this dang Meme

7 Things that scare me
1. Horror movies (Hate ’em!)
2. My daughter ever being in pain of any kind
3. Violent people
4. Bad drivers/being in another car crash
5. Missing the next ALIAS episode
6. Being in debt
7. Public speaking

7 Random facts about me
1. I have skydived – once
2. I have a tattoo (and am proud to say I got it before it was in vogue!)
3. I had strawberry-blond hair as a toddler
4. I actually know how to pronouce “Caed Mile Failte”!
5. I don’t drink or do drugs (other than my homemade herbal potions)
6. I did warpaint for the movie “Last of the Mohicans”
7. I use to want to be an opera singer

7 Things I say the most

1. “We need to….”
2. “Chill out!”
3. “Don’t have a cow!”
4. To my daughter – “Hey cutie patootie”, “Hey noodle butt”, “Hey snuggle bug”, “you are a complete nut-nut!”
5. “Shut it!”
6. “You never know.”
7. “Alrighty!”

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