Hemp car

Did you know that some cars of the 1920’s didn’t only run on Hemp oil, but were actually made of hemp fiber!! Yes, that is Henry Ford beating his Hemp car with a crowbar to prove how sturdy it is!!

Until today, I had no idea how important hemp was to our world history and how many uses it has had before it became to be just a recreational drug!!

And I had absolutely no idea that hemp seeds were even edible, much less so extremely good for you. They are very high in digestible protein, Essential Fatty acids and amino acids. And I didn’t realize that Hemp has no THC in it. So, you can actually buy the seeds from our local health food store. They are legal cause you can’t get high off of them! Wierd, eh??

6 thoughts on “Hemp car

  1. I’ve use hemp seeds in lots of things. I use it sometimes to replace other seeds in recipes like in bread instead of sunflower seeds and i’ve used it make hemp seed/carob candy (instead of sesame seed). I’ve even tried hemp flour that I found a health food store but just haven’t figured it out. The flavor is very strong of the flour – like a very strong rye, I tried cutting with whole wheat to make bread but didn’t like my results. Anyway – play with it – yummy stuff.

  2. Hemp was an incredibly important agricultural crop in the colonies and the early republic. My high school was built on one of the hemp fields owned by George Washington near his Mount Vernon plantation, as a matter of fact.

  3. Its amazing to me that in this day and age it is still illegal. In my tiny mind I really believe its one of the few things that can truelly save the world..lol (That is prolly exactly why the govt. is against legalization..lol) From a hemp standpoint it can be used in so so many ways and one cool thing that unlike cotton, it grows well in many climates WITHOUT THE USE PESTICIDES, not to mention it is high in protein and omega fatty acids (more than flax seed),It can be grown for paper, clothes, fuel, (beer),rope, food. Our founding father (Jefferson, Washington, Franklin grew it and prolly *cough* (smoked it). Thats just hemp, cannibas salvia has been known to help increase appetites in cancer patients allowing them to nourish themselves to a livable existance while having chemo, etc..they have theorized that THC can help as an antidepressant. My new favorite info is despite smoking in bad and taxing on the heart and lungs ..they now think something in the thc might actually inhibit the growth of cancer cells..
    Makes ya go hmmm.. How can alcohol be legal yet this now be ?(yes my Californian libral is showing :) *blush*..but the more I “read” about this particular herb the more I get excited about the benefits and its rich history.

  4. Yeah, jamie, from what I understand, it was made illegal right about the same time as Dupont came out with a new, synthetic fiber. So, it was in competition with hemp. Hmmmm….

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