Great Grandma Carmella

Have I mentioned that my great-grandmother was an herbalist? I found out a few years ago after I had already begun my herb business. Since we moved away from the family when I was 2 and my father died when I was 14, I haven’t had much contact with my father’s side of the family. So, I didn’t know much about my great-grandmother. Anyway, it turns out she came over to the US in the early 1900’s with her family. She started an herb garden and had a small vineyard. She would harvest her herbs and make tinctures, then use the grape press to extract the alcohol when the tinctures were ready. She ran a company called the Aerostromo Tonic Company. (I know aero is air in italian, but I don’t know what the whole name means). People would show up at her door for her medicine. Cool, eh? I talked to my uncle today and he said he is going to try to find any paperwork that there might be left so that I can have it. I’m not getting my hopes up, but wouldn’t that be amazing if there were old recipe books with her formulas??!! Oh, and her name was Carmella Tromentozzi Cedrone. Isn’t that at awesome name!

2 thoughts on “Great Grandma Carmella

  1. That is way cool! I found out a few years ago when my dad was dying that his maternal grandmother was a Cherokee descendant who practiced “Granny Magic” in the hills of Western VA. I would love to find some relics that belonged to her, but my guess is she probably didn’t read or write (although I could be wrong because my dad’s side of the family are all geniuses).

    Please share with us what your Uncle finds!

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