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It is not mandatory in NC to register your animals… yet. But, if I go to the North Carolina NAIS site I find this question:

Q. If a Person Raises Animals for His or Her Own Use and the Animals Never Leave the Owner’s Property, Do They Need to be Identified?
A. Under the current plan, animals that never leave a premises do not need to be identified. However, animal owners are encouraged to identify their animals and their premises, regardless of the number of animals present, since many animal diseases may be spread whether an animal leaves its home premises or not. Examples of such diseases include West Nile virus, foot.?d.?uth disease, vesicular stomatitus, and equine infectious anemia.

So, I’m an animal, right? Maybe I should start sending in a letter everytime I get a cold, or go out to the bakery and stuff! I mean, I could really transmit some serious gottalittlesniffle disease at that bakery and the government needs to know about all the people I will infect by leaving my premises! Don’t you think? And for that matter, I think I am going to have a sign in sheet at my front door so you can all let the govn’t know that you came to visit, just in case you are contagious. I mean, really, us animal ‘people’ go a-visiting a whole lot more than goats and chickens do. We spread a whole lot more illness! Maybe it would be more beneficial to the govn’t to track all of us! (Maybe I shouldn’t give ’em any ideas, eh?)

7 thoughts on “NAIS thought

  1. Really, don’t give ’em any ideas! I don’t currently have any animals but this trend is frightening to me. I’m not normally a conspiracy believer but I’m starting to wonder…

  2. What’s really assinine about this is that the actual agent of transmission in so many of these cases isn’t the domesticated animals but rather an insect…or a wild animal that goes from place to place spreading the disease. Maybe next they’ll want to tag and release mosquitoes and use GPS tracking to monitor their movements? (Say, that’s not a bad idea — might give these folks somethign to do while the rest of us go on with our lives!)

  3. Hi, I will be moving to NC and am deeply concerned. This could sneak into legislation and be passed to be mandatory. I can not seem to find anyone who is keeping an eye on this in NC. Anyone?

  4. Hey Tiffany!
    Unfortunately, I don’t know of anyone keeping a close eye on this in NC. This site,, has some great info, though. I am watching NAIS through him. I will definitely post on my blog as I hear more about NAIS and NC.

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