Land ho!

Hey all! Sorry I’ve been so lax in posting and commenting. My head has been elsewhere lately. BUT it looks like we are going to be putting in an offer on some land!! Friends of ours turned us on to this 25 acres that isn’t on the market (yet). Friends of theirs own it and have been looking to sell. Anyway, it is ~15 minutes from down town, to the NW of Asheville, rolling woods. It looks like it hasn’t been logged in a long time. The trees are huge! There is a pond, a well, at least one spring (we think there may be more), a cleared area for gardening, some nice rock landscaping. And I’ve found pipsissewa, usnea, chickweed, rattlesnake plantain, the local version of reishi mushrooms, possibly some hawthorne trees… I can’t wait until the spring when I can really see what is out there. It also has some perfect spots for planting ginseng, goldenseal, and other more rare medicinal herbs. The only downside is the surrounding neighbors. They keep riding their 4-wheelers and baja’s up there and tearing up the land! They pay no head to the locked gates at the bottom of the land… just cut the chain! We hope that they will lay off once we are out there and that we don’t have to deal with trespassing issues. I have absolutely no problem with someone being on the land as long as they are respectful to the land and the other people there. The price of the land is insanely cheap compared to what other things are going for around here, but we are still going to have to subdivide and sell some off. Our hope is to buy all of it and get situated out there, then bring out friends who are interested in similar lifestyles (sustainable living, homesteading…) and start a community. It’s a lot to think about! OH, and I will probably be without a computer for a good while!

The other land, the acres in town that I mentioned a while ago, well the family that owns it is fantastic and has tried really hard to make it work so that we could buy from them, but their land is nothing like the 25 acres that we have decided to buy. So, we passed on the in town stuff.

Hey, also, I know my herb reviews have slowed down, but I am still hoping to do them and would love to hear about any herbs that would like discussed.

6 thoughts on “Land ho!

  1. Yay mama! Are you going to be living in a RV/yurt/etc or something while you build or what? Our neighbors use their snowmbiles all over our pasture – :(~!

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