I had a little glitch in my blog and lots the last post and a few others from mid-Feb. Sorry about that. All the more reason I should keep my journal on paper!

I think I am going to print out a bunch of K’s pictures and make a physical photo album just incase we have another glitch and lose those! That would be tragic!!

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2 thoughts on “Ooops

  1. Yeah, its always good to keep a back up of anything digital. Whether its another digital copy or some sort of hard copy. I feel like there should also be a way to backup your entire blog. In other words, a way to export your entire blog as a single file that you can re upload again if something like this were to happen. I’m not that familiar with wordpress so I can’t tell you off the top of my head, but I might be able to find out if you are really interested.

    Those posts might not be completely lost either. Google often keeps a cached version of pages after they have been removed from the web. More info here:

  2. I was trying to make a change to the whole site and did did a back up of the whole thing, then made the change and uploaded my back up. For some reason, though, when I did the back up down load, it only down loaded from Feb 4th and before! Weird!! I was able to same some things from Googles Cache file, but not all of it! Oh well, such is life. It’s a good lesson in non-attachment :-)

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