Fun in the sun!

Can you believe the weather today?!? It got up to 80 degrees here!

Well, I spent last night frantically cleaning the house getting ready for my hoop class. I invited 19 people and had 10 confirmed “Yes”. I spent this morning setting up the front porch, cleaning the dog poop out of the front yard and making this great home-made salsa for the pot luck. Everything was ready to go for the class at 4. Then I waited… and waited… and 4 o’clock rolled on to 5 o’clock. One friend came at 5 (and I already knew she was going to be late). So, now I have to ask… what happened to the rest of them?? I knew there was a possibility that some might not be able to make it, but I have to say that I was a bit perturbed when only one person showed! I was only giving this class because I was asked to, repeatedly, by many of these friends. I spent a freaking $160 on supplies to get all the stuff I was going to need for a class of ~10 people! Now I am stuck with all this stuff that I didn’t want in the first place. I plan on making all these hoops myself and selling them at the next festival I go to, or something like that, so I can make some of this money back.

At ~6:00, my neighbor and his family came over and hooped for a while. It was his 30th birthday, so it was nice to be a part of his celebration. That lightened my mood a good bit. And, I did make a few really cool hoops. I even made K. a sparkly, purple one for her to hoop with.

And what did K. and I have for dinner? Good guess… chips and salsa!

2 thoughts on “Fun in the sun!

  1. man. that would irritate me if that happened.

    we’ve been having really great weather here too. i am enjoying every minute of it (although right now it is chilly because of all the rain).

    i love spring!

  2. What a bummer. We’ve had a couple of parties where that happened — lots of “confirmed” participants who never show and don’t bother to call. If folks give a call to let me know what’s up, I never mind — but when you’re expecting 10 and get 1, it does leave you wondering what happened to the other 9 people!

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