Life in the Hollar

We spent the morning on the land… I have to think of a better name for our new place… any suggestions? I was thinking about Dandelion Farm (since our address is Dandelion Drive) but that website is already taken :-)

Anyway, we picked up more trash, built two raised beds for the strawberries, and took a great hike. I found some yarrow and mint (I think it is spearmint) where they might have been a garden before, along with some strawberries! Then, as we got into the woods, I started seeing some Blood Root… and then more Blood Root, and then I realized that I couldn’t step anywhere without having to dodge the Blood Root! There is so much of it it is insane! I think I may have also spotted some lady’s slipper starting to come up, some edible berries (raspberry maybe), possibly some Elder, Rue Anemone, and this little dainty plant that looked like a marijuana leaf… maybe a cutleaf toothwort?

We also met one of the neighbors who lives down the street. He came slowly walking up the hill to check us out. Odell is probably about 75, but who knows. He told us that he has had 6 bypass surgeries, so he may only be 50 and in bad shape. Seemed like a nice guy though. We talked for a while and he offered any help he could give. Then, as he turned to go, I noticed the Mother of Pearl six shooter sticking out of his pocket! I guess he takes it with him when he goes out for his walks!! Yikes.

4 thoughts on “Life in the Hollar

  1. Congratulations on closing on the land. Wow, 25 acres, that sounds so nice. We’re starting to feel very cramped on our 1/4 acre lot. Its just not big enough for a mini orchard, a huge garden, some other flower beds, an herb garden, some other trees and other edible landscaping. But we knew we’d probably grow out of yard before we grew out of our house. :)

    And does bloodroot go to seed or do usually grow more by taking an intial piece of it? My fiance recently became very interested in blood root and wants to grow some. If you are interested in a trade or selling some of it Aaron would probably be ecstatic. I don’t think thats something you can find at your local nursery.

    Yeah and yikes about the gun thing.

  2. Congratulations on the close, and sounds like you’ve found yourself a treasure chest!

    Looks like your neighbor has had run-ins with the guys in the trucks!

  3. greg always carries a gun with him when he’s outside. i think it’s more of upbringing than anything…his grandparents lived in kentucky and always carried a gun, even the women. not just to intimidate people, but to ward off varments as well.

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