Buffy and Spike

Well, I have to say, things are a bit overwhelming right now. It’s hot, and every project that we start seems to never get finished. Toby and I are both burning out quickly and we are trying to think of ways to obtain our goals without losing our sanity. I definitely think we need help on the building/house projects front! We are even talking about offering land in exchange for building help. We’ll see. That’s another project that keeps dragging along. We can’t seem to make any headway on how to split this land up. I think we need to write out our projects and then set time aside for each one instead of trying to tackle them all at once.

We do have chickens now (ack! Another project). Luckily, they are really cute! We ended up with 2 Buff Orpingtons (“Buffy” and “Spike”), 2 Auracaunas (not yet named), 2 Black Australorps (not named), 1 Speckled Sussux (not named), and 1 Delaware (“Ruby”, Kaia named her after a little girl she just net). They are 5 weeks old today. Suki is way to excited about them and is now on lead whenever she is outside. I am working on training her to ignore them. I reward her with treats whenever she sits and just looks at them. But, if she lunges, or starts to get excited around them she gets nuthin!

We were choosing out the chickens.

As you can see, they have already figured out how to get out of the coop!

So I graduated Friday night and wouldn’t you know it… someone “spiked” the brownies!! OH MY GOD! I have never felt like that before and I don’t think I really want to experience that again! I was in the middle of talking with one of the other faculty at the school when I realized that I couldn’t remember what I had just said and I wasn’t sure where I was going with my current sentence. A good friend of mine, who had also eaten the brownies, couldn’t stop talking about how she needed demulcents for her dry mouth and how she saw little people starting back at her from the pictures on the wall!! It was a wild night!
Here is a poem I wrote for school:

Lessons of the Green

Two roads diverged from a wood of green
One lined with plant friends who are ever so keen
To teach me their lessons of love, faith and healing
That I found myself falling onto the ground kneeling
Before them, yearning for their lessons.

I look through the green to the second road bare
Violently lacking of joy, life and care
Lined with concrete, harsh hatred and war
I wonder of our chances to stop this before
It takes over my road of green blessings.

So I sit on my road and ponder the fate
Between the power of love and the power of hate
It seems that the way to keep hatred at bay
Is to love all round us, to show us the way
To remind us we all have our worth.

So merge these two roads of green and concrete we must
To show others around us in the plants we should trust
Only love, faith and healing can open the doors
To lead us back to the peace in our hearts, at our core.
Back to tribe and our great Mother Earth.

On the Herb clinic front, we (myself and two other clinical herbalists and “wise women”) have found a two-room space that we will share with a massage therapist. We get the space 4 days a week and it is in Downtown Asheville. It’s a great spot! We are calling ourselves “Return to Wholeness Herbal Clinic & Apothecary”

8 thoughts on “Buffy and Spike

  1. Oh my gosh. I know I shouldn’t laugh but that is so funny about the brownies. I bet everyone was mortified when they realized they were high *giggle*. Congrats on the graduation by the way. Love the photo of your little one with the chicken. Also congrats on getting a home for your new clinic I like the name

  2. Oh, Maria, I’m still laughing about the brownies! The set-up for your clinic sounds fantastic!

  3. I almost choked on my lunch when I read about the spiked brownies! How awful!

    Congratulations on the graduation, and the clinic! You’re on your way!

  4. LOL Glad I’m not the only one who’s ever decided they don’t like that feeling. Mine was a contact high because most of the party guests wanted a herbal smoke, and I wasn’t about to go out into the -30 degree cold with the cig. smokers, and stayed inside with the herb smokers, where it was at least warm. It’s not a particularly fun feeling, feeling even more ditzy than I normally am. LOL Congrats on graduating!!!! Sounds like your Clinic is coming right along, that’s fabulous!!!!

  5. Gosh, how long has it been since I’ve even heard of spiked brownies! Kids these days don’t have any manners; it is such bad form to make herbal brownies and not tell anyone.

    Glad you’re enjoying the chickens. They are damned clever about getting to where they want to go.

  6. Well, I don’t think it was a kid that spiked them. Rumors are that it was one of the graduates! :-0

    The chickens are doing well. Suki is quickly getting use to them. She likes to chase them around their pen, but we are trying to break her of that habit. So far, I have noticed that one of the Araucanas is very friendly. She’s the one we named “sweetie”…

  7. Congratulations on your graduation. I know you and Toby have been working hard for the life you are creating. The good thing is you have a whole lifetime to create it.

    Always “Assume” Browines are spiked. Anyone bearing brownies is suspect of spiking in my opinion. I have gone too many times down that road; however, strangely it always seemed like a nice country road.

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