Woo Woo!

Tomorrow night, Toby and I get a night out!! Kaia is sleeping over at her grandmother’s house, and we get to play! So, I got us tickets to go see a burlesque show :-) The group is called The Rebelles. I found out that the woman who plays Frau Von Lippenstift is an aquaintence of mine… so I have to go and check it out! It can’t wait. It looks like it will be a lot of light-hearted fun, which we are desperately in need of! Toby and I are burnt out already! It’s not easy to live this pioneering lifestyle. It seems like anytime we go to do anything, it takes 20 more steps than we expect! Our goals this month are to design the main house and get it into the code process. I am so ready to just be settled and not always have a mess to clean up or a project to do. We have moved 4 times in the last 3 years… It’s hard always being in the process, you know what I mean? Ugh!

Anyway… The Rebelles!! Fun!

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5 thoughts on “Woo Woo!

  1. Moving and being unsettled is very stressful! Especially when you’re moving countries!

    Sounds like you’ve got a wonderful evening planned, to relax and have fun! Grandparents are heaven sent!

    Have a great time, and we’ll want a review!

  2. Have fun! Sounds like you have a great evening planned. I hope the show is terrific and that you enjoy the time together.

    I think to some extent life is always “in the process” but it is nice when you feel like you’re at least finally working on a part of that process that will be closer to permanent! You’re doing so much right now to get everything going and you’re doing so much of the work itself — it’s only natural that you’re going to be stressed and a little burnt out from time to time. Always know you can call me if you want to talk/vent/think out loud or whatever. And maybe see if you can plan some sort of break time together with Toby or as a whole family every week or two just to take a breath, laugh, enjoy each other and recharge your batteries so you can get back to the tasks renewed and rejuvenated. That might be just the ticket!

    Love to Toby and Kaia! (And Suki and the chickens as well!)

  3. Hi! I haven’t been online in FOREVER! I’m glad you are doing well, and a burlesque show sounds really FUN! I saw a burlesque dancer on “America’s Got Talent” and it looked really fun!


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