And life goes on…

We had a little tragedy at our house yesterday. Suki killed Buffy, one of our Buff Orpingtons (and our favorite chicken who liked to sit on my lap, roost on my arm and climb on my shoulder!). I think she was near the fence sticking her head under for some food that rolled and Suki grabbed her out. When we screamed at Suki “NO!” she immediately dropped her, but by that time, Buffy’s neck was already broken. It was a good opportunity to talk with Kaia about the circle of life and death, but I was having a hard time not bawling! Kaia was consoling me! We had a little burial and said thanks to Buffy for the short time that she was with us. Now, we have to decide how to work this out with Suki. I am thinking that building her an enclosed space is the best option. No, that means she can’t have the run of the land, but will us wanting to have other folks up here who are also wanting to homestead, it’s probably a good idea for Suki to get use to having an enclosed space.

On a happier note, I have found a bunch of new herbs on the land… all volunteers in my garden!! I have found some Mullein, St. John’s Wort, what I think is a type of Lobelia, and a Reishi (Ganoderma Tsugai). Cool, eh?

The rain is also doing wonders for the garden and the shiitaki logs! This is a shot of a small shiitaki bloom. Right now, I have one log that has ~40 shiitaki growing!!!

And check out this Phallic tomato!

So far, I have put up only 4 quarts of tomato sauce, but I have many more quarts ahead of me!

My herbs are doing well too. I harvested some boneset to tincture and dry, as well as Holy Basil, Skullcap, and red clover. Doesn’t my herb corner look nice?

Things are also going well at my school. I have been asked to continue on as a core staff member and teach for the Level 2 herb students this winter!!

10 thoughts on “And life goes on…

  1. Sounds like things are going great. Well, aside from the chick! I’m sorry about your loss. I’m glad Kaia took it ok. Will you be breeding new chicks too or just using the eggs?

    Great shiitaki logs! Thats one project I never got around to this summer. Maybe I can still start them before fall?

    Thats exciting about the teaching stuff.

  2. At this point we are not planning on breeding them. Maybe next spring, but we’ll see. We already have so much on our plate. Plus, 7 chickens aught to be more than enough eggs for us for right now.

  3. aaww, so sad about the chick. You might consider invisable fencing for the dog. I’m not sure how expensive it would be to close off an area but it is worth looking into, at lest that way the dog can still run. Herbs look great. Im jealous. I have managed once again to kill my lavender.

  4. Have you thought about getting rid of the dog? I mean, you have tried obedience training and classical conditioning using both positive reinforcement and negative punishment but it sounds like Suki just cant seem to learn. Is she still trying to eat other dogs also? We need to call in the dog whisperer! Cesar Milan could tame that hairy beast!

  5. so sorry about the chicken. we are in the same boat…our dog constantly chases and attacks them when/if she’s able. we had her loose because of her puppies but after 2 days of attacking our chickens that flew out of the coop, we chained her back up and moved the puppies to another building where she can reach them. usually, we let her loose at night once the chickens are locked up so she can run and prowl and keep away the critters.

    congratulations about the school! that is great news.

    those mushrooms look scrumptious!

  6. Chris, she is no longer going after other dogs, but she is well trained to attack Kirby’s on site!! :-)

  7. sorry to hear about Buffy, how very sad. We used a muzzle with our old German Shepherd. After a month or so outside last summer in the heat (it was one of those mesh and fabric thingies, not too breathable) she learned that chickens were not for chasing out eating. Toward the end of her life she’d lay in the yard with the flock of hens all around her and not care.

  8. I’m sorry about Buffy. Thankfully we’ve never had that happen to us. The dogs and the hens have always been well separated.

    Congratulations on the school staff offer! That’s wonderful! Will you be there in five years when I’m ready to go back to school?

  9. Hi
    Sorry about your chicken :( A few years ago one of our dogs got a chicken and in a different time she got a duck ,. We keep the poultry locked up and the dogs free..We are after all in the city…lol..but the dog has stopped trying to go up to chicken fence and leaves them alone.
    Congrats on the teaching !
    I love oyur herb shelf, the garden this year in Southern Cali has been less than good. We have had way funky weather my tomatoes didnt even flower this year .The squash PLANT I planted is now, almost 2 months later, just starting to flower.weird. Looking forward to next
    Good luck

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