Roots Festival

The herbalists here in Asheville are putting on a Roots Festival for National Herb Day on October 14th. We are making t-shirts that will say “Root Diggin’ Herbalist” on it and will have this picture (painted by one of our own!)

If anyone would like a t-shirt, let me know and I can order one for you. They are $18, and come in women’s and men’s styles and all sizes. I think they are going to look great!!!

Hey, are any of you out there going to the AHG Conference in Boulder this year??

6 thoughts on “Roots Festival

  1. i would consider the ahg conference but it falls on a weekend that i have my kids so i don’t think i’ll be able to go. maybe next year?

    i like the painting…what are the women’s shirt styles?

  2. The shirt looks nice. I think Tina would love one. What do you need from me to get a shirt? Where will the Roots festival be?

    Say hello to the family.

    Take care.

  3. Leslita… absolutely! The shirts will be ready next week and we will making as many re-orders as we have requests for. Let me know what size, address, etc… can you log in with your email address so I can contact you?


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