I am on the second day of a fast right now.  I decided that I wanted to create better food habits for myself so I’m going to fast (doing the master cleanse) for 14 days and then start my food habits over.  I have a huge sweet tooth, and whenever there is food, I always eat more than I need to be full.  I get this thing in my head that if I don’t eat it and enjoy it right now, I might seriously miss out on something.  So, I stuff myself a lot.  I also want to start having more greens, veggies, and whole foods in our diets.  Toby decided to do it with me, which is nice.

I did this once when Kaia was 2, just to have a nice cleanse after having been pregnant and breastfeeding. But, Kaia didn’t like it.  She couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t eat with her.  Now, she is just curious and wants to talk about foods and what makes a food a healthy food.

So far, things are good.  My energy has been fine, I’m not too hungry.  Although, I am craving the taste of food and the feeling of chewing.

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