Hoop Path Workshop

I spent this past weekend in Carrboro for a hooping workshop and I have wanted to post about it, but I don’t know how to put it into words. When most people think of hooping, they might imagine just spinning this circle around your waist. But hooping has become so much more, especially after this weekend. Baxter, the hooper who taught the class, got into hooping after he had a shoulder injury. It was his method of physical therapy. But, through that, he had developed his own hoop mythology. So for three days, we learned about the story of the Maidan (pron My-dan), who hooped to get closer to the spirit wind. He is an amazing story teller, and I really felt myself becoming a part of the story. We learned about the belief, strength, and grace it takes to hoop (and do anything in our lives for that matter).

There were 3 three hour workshops, a fire ceremony and hooping on Sat. night, and a Hooper’s Ball on Sunday.

As you can see, on Sunday, we really got to cut loose and strut our stuff! (that’s me on the right with the big white feather on my head):-) I’ll get some video footage up soon…


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