building and building


Check out what my man made me today!! Once in a blue moon he gets in a serious organization mood… so I encouraged this by asking him to make me something to better organize my tinctures (this is my home stash… the stuff at the office takes up a large closet :-))  All alphabetized neatly from A to Z… oooh I love order!
Here’s the progress at the house… walls are going up. Interior walls down stairs, interior and exterior upstairs. Here we are framing out some of the upstairs walls.


Above and below is Toby and Eden framing out a window above the stairwell.



And here I am, so beautifully gracing another window above the stairwell… I think I should have taken off the tool belt and put on the stiletto heels to really get the full effect!

Here’s Toby in the window that will be above the bureau. (Stilettos would have made all the difference here, too :-))

5 thoughts on “building and building

  1. OMG you have made so much progress!!! It looks SO AWESOME, I cant wait to see the finished project. Good luck!

  2. Delurking to say how much I love these photo-updates. I’d love to create my own eco-friendly home, but alas, the rest of my family thinks I’m stark raving bonkers for wanting to. 😉

  3. Maria,

    You are a gorgeous tool-time girl. Bet Toby likes having you around to hand him the tools with a big smile and a promise of tools to come. Or then maybe you do all the hammering and Toby hands you the tools. Either way the house looks great. You guys make a great team.

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