Happy Fall

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall.  So, Kaia and I started celebrating by heading to the Annual Plow festival at Warren Wilson College.  Every year, tons of people come out with their old timey plows and draft horses and plow the fields for the college.  There was also fresh pressed apple juice, a black smithing demonstration, pie tasting, bbq, face painting, and wagon rides.

The house is moving along… we finished putting on all the layers of roof insulation, the plumbing passed inspection, and Toby built 3 pocket doors (one for Kaia’s room, for the master bedroom, and in the linen closet) to save space and ’cause they are cool!  Because of all the funky angles in a 16-sided house, we also have a secret room and a built in bookshelf in Kaia’s room, a secret cubby in the guest room, built-in shelves in the hall, a large pantry, and an office cubby under the stairs.  This house is going to ROCK!!

5 thoughts on “Happy Fall

  1. The secret room isn’t so secret now! :)

    Hey, we went to Plow Day, too! Not until after lunch, though. Sorry we missed you guys.

  2. This is all B-O-R-I-N-G!!! Put up some more stuff with fire or maybe some explosions! Show some more of that crazy chick hooping with a fire ring. Man, THAT is entertainment!

  3. Hey, No one is putting a gun to your head and making you read this C-H-R-I-S! Make me a video of one of you guys fire hooping and I will definitely put that up here! (Wait! Yes, You have to wear clothes!)

  4. Maria,
    Email me at marshmallowfluff@gmail.com if you would like a bunch of small-ish glass jars. They used to go to a spice rack and some of them at one time had spices or herbs in them. But they are quite thick, as far as spice jars go, and smallish…about the size of a McCormick spice jar, but they are much older – probably 1960’s? and were not manufactured by a spice company.


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