Calling all off the grid-ers

So, I got a call today from a tv production company in NY that is looking to do a documentary show on young people (under 30 or so) who live off the grid!  She is hoping to get some contact names for people who live (or have lived) off the grid and have a story to share.   She would love to get some people who are pioneering it without running water or electricity and such, but is also open to hearing from people who have the amenities, but are ‘off the grid’.  SO, if you are such a person, send me an email and I can pass on her contact information.  (Too bad they didn’t do the show last year, before we had electricity!  That week we had the 60 MPH winds and our fridge blew off the porch and our outhouse blew over would have made a great show :-))

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