Working on the Master Suite

I love how that sounds… “The Master Suite” :-)

We have completely finished Kaia’s room, so we are trying to get our room done. It makes it feel like more progress to do one room at a time.

This past week I did lots of painting, oiling, trim work, and put the apron in front of the tub.

Here is the before picture:


And after:


The stove pipe has to be enclosed according to building code. But, there is still lots of space in the room, even though it looks crowded from the angle of this picture.
Here’s a better view of the tub:


And the pocket door to the bedroom (I LOVE the pocket doors! They are just so sneaky! Now it’s here… now it’s gone!):


We hope to build the vanity for this room this weekend.

And, here we are having some fishing downtime at the pond:


The frogs have started hatching and are singing loud, wonderful music on the warm days! Check out some of the eggs that are still to hatch! This is one of the smaller bunches:


6 thoughts on “Working on the Master Suite

  1. Gi and I are going out to collect frog eggs tomorrow – the “boys” noise has been deafening for almost a week now, so the ladies have hopefully been by to lay eggs. This year I think Gi is big enough to really get a kick out of watching the baby frogs hatch…. I loved raising batches of tadpoles every spring as a kid!, though ours were leopard and bull frogs, not spring peepers and fowlers toads.

  2. I really like the tub apron. It adds so much character compared to the normal 1 piece bathing units.

  3. It’s looking so great! We have one pocket door in our house and I LOVE it. Plus they save SO much space — you don’t realize how much space becomes unusable when it has to stay clear for a door to swing through it or be pushed open into it until you think about the pocket doors!

  4. i miss the frog songs. we used to have a pond on our property when living in ann arbor, mi. we would hear the funniest sounds come out of those boys! it was always a big laugh when we would be conversing at the kitchen table, and a frog would punctuate the end of our sentences with a huge, “bouump”. and later all the tiny baby frogs would start springing up in our yard. enjoy it!

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