I set out my broccoli, kale, and lettuce/greens seedlings today. (The moon is in Cancer, a water sign good for planting leafing vegetables.) And tomorrow the moon moves into Leo, a fire sign good for planting fruiting plants, so I am going to start my tomatoes and eggplants. From reading other blogs it seems like I’m way behind on my plantings, but if I calculate my plantings by the average last frost date around here (April 21st), I’m not supposed to start tomatoes until about now… am I way late??

I have another question… When I start my vegetable seeds, unless the seed package tells me otherwise, I always just stick the seeds in the soil…. I know some seeds need cold, some need scarring, some need soaking, but which seeds? Is there a list of seeds needing stratification or scarification?

2 thoughts on “plantings

  1. I think the seed packets are pretty good at telling what to do to the seeds, if anything. The only thing I have had to do anything to is Moon Flowers, which I pinched with clippers to crack it and then soaked in water over night then moved it to wet paper towels (because I didn’t have time the next day to plant them). They sprouted that fast and I stuck them in a pot and they are doing great inside, vining up a stick. I’ll be excited to move them out. Hope they survive the move OK! I have heard that when it comes to seedlings, it is better to be too late than too early, so I wouldn’t worry. I think it is neat how you are planting by the signs…I think that is fascinating! Wishing you the best with your seedlings! :)

  2. I think the snow this week might have answered the question about being too late! 😉

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