Building a Fairy Garden

When Kaia saw the Fairy Garden Challenge over at The Magic Onions, she just had to take part.


We started by going for a hike into the woods to the area where fairies have been known to party.  We gathered some fairy moss, with their permission, some acorns and mushrooms and headed back to the house.  She picked out a box for the main garden structure and cut and decorated the grand entryway.  Then she created a mossy beach for them to relax on when they weren’t bathing.  And realizing that the Autumn Equinox is coming up soon, she decided to make an area for dancing and eating, since they would surely be celebrating the equinox with a party!  Kaia was unsure if the Queen Fairy danced or if she just liked to watch the party happenings, so she made a small sitting area on the dance floor so that she could sit and enjoy the festivities (the chairs are decorated with bling of course!)  There is an area to hang your coats while dancing and bathing, there is a small swimming/bathing pool and a dipper to get water.  There are fairy bells to ring when you arrive, a table set for a feast, and a bed for napping on in case you have danced too hard or eaten too much.  Oh, and don’t forget the beaded high wire for doing acrobatics!

I’m sure the fairies will come to visit!!  How could they resist?





6 thoughts on “Building a Fairy Garden

  1. This is pure MAGIC!!! The fairies will come for sure! The Grand Entry, the Red Carpet, the Dining Area, the bed, swimming pool, acrobatics wire! I am completely enchanted! Kaia, you will be the toast of Fairyland! I can’t wait to show K.
    Thank you so much for participating in The Magical Fairy Garden Challenge and Giveaway. You are in the draw to win some magical goodies. I will be linking to this magical garden tomorrow – I just love it!
    Blessings and magic.

  2. what a wonderfully detailed, creative creation! if i was a fairy, i’d make it my yearly end-of-summer vacation spot, for sure :)

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