Action shots

We’ve been having so much fun homeschooling.  Yes, there are those moments where I want to shut her in her room and turn the music up real loud to drown out the drama.  But, I guarantee we would be having those moments if she were in school full time too.  In just a few weeks, Kaia and I seem to have changed our relationship somehow.  She is being more respectful, she is helping out around the house… I’m sure it is partly due to the fact that I am spending more time with her, focused on her.

Kaia wanted to have a ritual to start our school day.  She likes the idea of lighting a candle, singing a song, and ringing a bell.  So, Kaia gathered some fall leaves, got out the mod podge and made an adorable fall candle (a la 5 orange potatoes).  She wants to make a new candle for each season.  I like that idea!


It’s not the best picture, but the leaves on the bottom are red maple and there is golden ginkgo on the top!  We melted our own wax and colored it red, another reason why it’s not so easy to see the leaves.

And what could be better than working in pile of blankets, in pajamas, at 9 pm at night, because you want to!?!


Leif likes to join us and tends to keep himself occupied very well.  One of his favorite things to do is to hold onto a cloth and move it up and down in front of his face as fast as he can.  He wears himself out completely and makes himself laugh!  What could be better?



One thought on “Action shots

  1. i like the idea of making a different candle holder for each season! last fall, we made candles like this using beeswax and leaves we found and i love how it looks.

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