Mmmmmm, the smell of warm beeswax is so yummy!!

Leif’s view of his new mobile in the warm afternoon sunshine

4 thoughts on “Bzzzzz…

  1. Oh my goodness – is that a MOBILE made of BEESWAX?! Brilliant! I’d be constantly hungry though, and torn between nibbling my baby and nibbling his mobile. 😉

    Thanks for stopping by LoLo Craft! We love new friends. *grin*

  2. There is something so incredibly homey about the smell of beeswax! I absolutely love how simple and sweet it is! I can’t believe your little guy is 1 already! I was thinking of you the other day when someone approached me asking if I did ‘hooping’. I don’t, but it reminded me of your post about it and I think I might look into it. Looks like fun :)

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