Spring has sprung

Though it’s been a bit rainy around here, we all have spring fever and enjoy the warm weather when ever we can!  I can get so wrapped up in the things that ‘need’ to get done for the kids schooling that I have a hard time just going with the flow.  I’m trying to take lessons from Kaia and Leif as they explore the world around them.

In preparation for warm weather, Kaia has finally decided it is time she learn how to swim.  I think she’s been capable of swimming for a few years now, but she’s a very cautious kid.  So, she’s never wanted to go under water, or take off her floats.  She’s grown in so many ways in the past year, though, and her confidence is really blooming.

She has her float around her belly in this video, but you know she could totally swim without it if she wanted!

I think this is the first year that Kaia has expressed any interest in getting in our small pond.  Leif, of course, had no reservations in joining her!

Here’s a little video of the pond area.  Sorry for the shaky hands.

And when we can’t get outside, there is always driving around the house with your bear.

Or playing hide and seek.

or snuggling with your favorite man.

How have you been enjoying spring so far?

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