After almost a year of taking aerial silks classes, I have finally graduated to level 2!  I’m very excited!  I had a long year dealing with pain in my fore arms and attributed it to week muscles.  After every 5 or 6 classes, my forearms would become so tight I would have to stop class and take a few weeks off.  I finally went to see a doctor and he said I have exercise-induced compartment syndrome.  The muscles in my forearms would turn on and would not release.  The doctor said I could try using heat before I stretched, but that I would probably have to have the fascia surrounding the muscles cut to get any relief.  I said, “um, no thanks!”  Especially since it only happens when I’m doing aerials.  Instead, I went to see a woman who does trigger point therapy.  She massaged my arms and said they were way too tight.  She showed me how to massage them myself and I did this every day for a while.  When I went back to aerials, guess what… no pain!  I’ve been able, finally, to do aerials without having to stop mid class or take any breaks, and I didn’t have to have surgery.  (Yes, I did tell the doc about this so he would know that cutting the fascia in the arms is not the only option!)

Anyhoo… today, as a new year’s gift to myself, I tested for level two and passed.  I had to complete two forms that are laid out by the teacher and also perform one of my own.  This is my personal form.  I was a bit shaky in the beginning (and the music is just a tiny bit off in the video, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix that when it uploaded).  Still, I’m proud of myself! :-)



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7 thoughts on “I DID IT!

  1. SO impressed!!! I tend to think the build of women’s bodies makes that type of dance near impossible. You were beautiful!

  2. that is awesome, congratulations! my favorite part was near the end where the silks were criss-crossed across your back and you did the flip! glad you were able to get past your hurdle and not have to have surgery! what was the doctor’s reaction when you told him?

  3. Thanks Kristine! I like that part, too!
    The doc. was just like, “Oh, well that’s great to hear.” Ho hum. But, hopefully, if he see something like this again, he will remember a little bit of what I told him.

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