Hooping Mama!!

I went to a hoop workshop today put on by Spiral Hoop Dance and had the best time!! It was so much fun to get out there and hoop with everyone. There was an informal question/answer session going on while we all hooped. There was also some drumming going on, which made for great hoooping music. I think I hooped for about a hour straight!

some hoopers

Vivian, aka Spiral of Spiral Hoop Dance

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3 thoughts on “Hooping Mama!!

  1. Maria, you were wonderful today! Thanks for coming out and playing with us, and for posting pics. With your natural rhythm and belly dancing moves you’re well on your way to developing your own hoop style. yippee!

  2. How fun Maria – congrats on getting out there….wonderful pics of Vivian too BTW – really captured the rhythm! Are/were you a bellydancer too? I was in a troupe for a few years :)

  3. Thanks ladies! i really had a fantastic time! I took belly dancing from the local divas in Asheville when I was living there and really enjoyed it. I haven’t kept it up though, but I can see how it will come in handy with hooping.

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