My Patterns

Some of my knitting patterns…

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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you saw my proposed swap from yesterday. Would you please email me at the above address and let me know if we could swap all or some of what I suggested? I have your stuff all boxed up and ready to take to the post office when you send you postal address! Thanks so much, Barbara ps. happy sewing! And thanks for the baby mitten pattern. I’m going to use it for some of my smaller friends.

  2. Hi, My husband and I are considering building a debt-free home on family land. We are learning about cord wood and earthbag homes since they are both good options for round houses. My main question is what is the diameter of your round house? It’s beautiful!

  3. Hey Rachel. I believe the outer diameter of our house is 44 feet. With the smaller upstairs, the total square footage is ~1350.

  4. Hi, I happened upon your site looking for Black Walnut info online. I homeschool as we’ll, so it was a nice surprise to find your blog. I’d like to ask a bit more about your BW tincture. Could you please email me at the above address. Thank you. Hey your pictures of your vacation were awesome!

  5. Morning! My almost 10 year old daughter has been asking me to make her a mermaid tail that she can swim in for a while now. I am new to sewing so I’m a little nervous. Any suggestions on making it with out spending a ton of money? (spandex fabric can be pricy)Anyhow…thanks for sharing. I also recommended your blog to a few friends and co workers who are thinking about home schooling.

    ~Jaime Ivers

  6. Please can somebody send me a pattern to make a hanging chair pop. I have a grandchild with sensory problems and have been advised to make one.

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