A tour through OZ

This weekend, we hopped on the ski lift at Beech Mountain Ski Resort… our tornado ride into the wonderful land of OZ!


The theme park was started in 1970 by Grover Robbins (who started Tweetsie Railroad).  In its first year, it attracted over 20,000 visitors.oz2

Unfortunately, Grover died a few months before its opening and the enthusiasm for the park died with him.  It only stayed open for 10 years, but in 2009, it was reopened to the public for a weekend event once a year.  We were super excited to go this year!

After being airlifted in, we met up with Dorothy.oz4

(No, Dorothy isn’t that short… she’s squatting down for the kids 🙂

Once into the woods, we meet up with the Professor to have our fortunes told.oz6


The views from the top were stunning!

I had a run in with the mean neighbor who was trying to find Toto.  oz9

Then, we found Dorothy again (there were probably 10 dorothies spread throughout the park 🙂


Dorothy’s ruby slippers.  (Her dress from the movie use to be on site, but it burned in a fire in 1975.)


We got to listen to live music (including Over the rainbow) while we waited to enter Dorothy’s house.

Dorothy’s roomoz13

Aunt Em in the kitchenoz14

We headed into the basement where we experience the tornado in a dark room lit by black lights with a little swirling house and the tornado scene from the movie oz15


Then, we went through the house after it lands in Oz.oz17


And find that we’d landed on the witchoz19

And the Mayor of Munchkinland has proclaimed her dead.oz20

Soon, we met Glinda the Good Witch oz21

And begin to walk the yellow brick road!!oz22



The scarecrow was happy to see us, but we didn’t have any brains to spare 🙂

Leif said the Tinman is his favorite, because he has an ax.oz26



Sweet Cowardly Lionoz29


Once we met up with Dorothy and her traveling companions, we ran into some of the Wicked Witches guards.oz31

Cranky talking apple trees

And the Wicked Witch herself, who tried to turn the kids into flying monkeys.oz33

The witch’s castleoz34


Once we made it through the forest, we found everyone waiting for us in the poppy field.oz36


Once you make it to the Emerald City, you are almost home!oz38

You meet the Wizardoz39


Say hello to the horse of a different color.oz41

Watch the wizard’s balloon fly away without you!


Click your heels three times and you are home!oz43

Flying back to the car 🙂oz44




A wonderful family weekend!oz47

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