The Call of the Wild

This morning, I went out for my walk. When I got to the end of our gravel road, the air was filled with the sounds of roosters, sheep and other farm animals, as usual. But, there was this other sound. It was kind of like a coyote, a long drawn out note with a down note at the end. As I walked along, the call got louder and was repeated over and over. Then it got a little lower, and I starting thinking that there might be some wild animal giving birth in the nearby woods. There was no one else around, no people or cars, so it was a little freaky. The sound kept getting louder and then it took an up turn and started getting higher and higher, and then went faster and faster. I felt like I was in some horror movie, that’s how weird it sounded! Then, it went staccato, and that’s when it finally hit me!! The poor animal giving wild animal birth in the woods this spring morning, was one of my neighbors practicing voice lessons!! Keep on practicing, baby! Keep on practicing!

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