Chai Elixer

Since I have been remiss (is that how you spell it?) in my Herb Review duties, I have decided to publish a recipe for a Hot Chai Elixer! I am lovin’ this stuff! (It’s from Teresa Boardwine’s Cordially Yours:
2 cups of fresh ginger root
1/2 cup of cinnamon chips
1/4 cup of cloves
2 Tbsp. Cardamom pods
Place all of this in 20 oz. of Rum (I like Spiced Rum), and let sit for 2 weeks, shaking daily.

After 2 weeks, strain out the herbs and add 4 oz of Honey and 4 oz of Maple Syrup. Mix well, bottle it and add a couple of Almonds to the bottle to scent it.

You can drink it straight, heated up like a hot totty, put in in tea, or coffee, or how I like it is to heat up a cup of milk (rice, soy, cow, whatever) and put in a tsp. or two of the chai elixer. MMMMmmmm, Yummy!! It’s great for bitter, cold winter days!

5 thoughts on “Chai Elixer

  1. wow that sounds delish…lol..I’ve already been on a yogi tea kick before bed I’ve got to try

    Thanks !!

  2. Mmmmm. Sounds good. Do you grate the ginger root? Peel it first? And by cinnamon chips, do you mean just pieces of cinnamon bark like crushed up cinnamon sticks, or some sort of other product? I’ll have to try this for the holidays.

  3. As far as the ginger, I peel it and then chop it up. With the Cinnamon, you can buy it as “chips” but if you have the sticks, just use that. I would guesstimate ~ 10 sticks would make a cup if they were broken up.

  4. Oh yumm..mine turned out well.
    also just as a tip, warm the honey up a bit before adding to the rum..(or you’ll be stiring for a
    Thanks for the recipe

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