Here’s the basic plan…

We’ve been talking for the past few evenings and Toby and I have decided that we are definitely going to homeschool Kaia next Jan.  I did a general outline of topics today and it got Toby really excited too.

From Jan. through May (at least) I would like to touch on (formally or informally):
-Continue with Singapore math (along with manipulatives and other math games/logic puzzles)
-Continue with Sonlight Language Arts and Explode the Code, adding in as many word games and reading as possible (she’s not a fan of copy work and some of the readers that go along with this curriculum.  We may add in some Starfall since she likes playing the games.) And Handwriting Without Tears.
-All the holidays that fall in those months and discuss the religions and customs of those holidays (This also includes days like Martin Luther King day, president’s day, etc…)
-Science – the scientific method and observation, how magnets work, cardinal points, states of matter, reading (and creating) a map, weather, seasons, air/water, fire/temperature, plant and animal habitat, waves/currents/ocean habitats (this will necessitate a trip to the Charleston aquarium!), sun/moon/stars/planets (and a field trip to the Morehead Planitarium), basic machines (pulleys, levers)
-History-  Pre-history (the formation of the earth, first life, first mammals, first peoples, dinosaurs (and the creatures before the dinos)… maybe this will necessitate a trip to the Smithsonian Museums???!!)  We may get the “cartoon History of the Universe” series to read through with this, too.
-Arts and music – I’ve asked Kaia to chose an instrument that she would like to learn and she may start lessons.  We will also incorporate art into daily activities since she loves to color and draw.
-Foreign language- I plan to sign her up for a Mandarin Chinese class that is supposed to be happening in Jan.  (She LOVES anything China)
-I hope she will participate in all my garden planning and planting along with learning how plants grow, what they need to survive, and the plant parts
-Then there’s always cooking, knitting, daily/weekly chores, strawberry picking, play dates, park days…..

And as far as socializing, there are home school co-ops, home school sports leagues, library groups, LEGO clubs, Odyssey of the Mind Clubs, and so much more for her to interact with other peers.

I’m sure things will change as we flow through this, but at least we have a place to start and we’ll see how things go from there.  I’m excited!!

5 thoughts on “Here’s the basic plan…

  1. Awesome plan! Your going to love h.s. Ya’ll (I mean Kaia) is going to learn so much, it is a blast! I’m on my 11th year, Mine are now 17, 14, 13.

    Enjoy every second, cherish the messy hands on stuff, and the quiet at the table work, don’t worry about the dishes and cleaning because once the elementary level is gone, it’s gone. And you’ll cherish the time with the kids always.


  2. Hehe! I’d love to have a home school based blog, but with all the stuff we have going on, I don’t know where I’d find the time for it!

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