Fall Bonfire and Chocolate Awesomeness!

Every year around this time we have a bonfire to celebrate the coming of Fall and Toby’s B-day. But this year, we are also celebrating Kaia’s speedy recovery from the snake bite, and Toby’s new job! We have a lot to be thankful for.

When I saw this post a few months ago on painting with chocolate, I knew I had to do it as a topper for Toby’s B-day cake!! I can’t believe how simple it was and how freaking awesome it turned out!!

I found a good picture and altered it according to the video in the post above. Then taped the picture to cardboard and covered it with wax paper and taped that down too.

The Original Picture Under Wax Paper

I put the dark chocolate in a plastic ziploc bag and melted it in hot water. Then I filled in the larger areas of the darkest parts of the picture. Here you see me using a tooth pick to add chocolate to the detailed areas.

Dark Chocolate Details

This is the final picture of the dark chocolate before I put it in the fridge to harden.

Dark Chocolate Layer

I mixed the dark chocolate with white (lots of white, only a little dark) to get a nice brown color and filled in the shadowed parts of the picture.

Light Brown Chocolate Layer

Then, after cooling it again, I used the white to cover everything with a nice thick layer, and returned it to the fridge.

White Layer

Once it had time to harden I took it out and flipped it over to reveal his chocolate handsomeness!!

Final Freakin' Awesomeness!

Kaia also took her turn making flowers and designs to decorate the cake.

Kaia's Side Decorations in Chocolate

Toby loved it! It now sits in the freezer so that it’s staring at you when you open the freezer door! Don’t know if we will ever eat it. 🙂

This morning we celebrated his real birthday with breakfast in bed and a hike.  Happy Birthday Sweet Stuff!

9 thoughts on “Fall Bonfire and Chocolate Awesomeness!

  1. What an awesome gift! Talking about real love …. addiction to chocolate and Toby. Both so sweet.

  2. The face turned out so awesome! The cake was delicious too! Party was a lot of fun.

  3. WOW…that is amazing..im definately going to try that…but i have a feeling no matter who’s pic it is, its going to wind up coming out like Kermit the Frog!

  4. Very cool, that’s hilarious about the cake greeting you when you open the freezer. I think I’d have to eat it though, it looks so tasty! Oh, and I have to come out there and see this bunny, I’m jealous!

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