Winter Begins

We had a lovely first day of winter here.  We celebrated by going to see a play, opening gifts, and having friends over for a feast.  So glad the days are lengthening again!

Kaia’s favorite gift this year has to be her skates.  She can’t wait to get to the skating rink to give them a try.

Leif finally got these wooden toys that I purchased over a year ago from Clickity Clack on Etsy.  They were sanded, had patterns burned into then, painted with water colors, then sealed with a beeswax varnish (the trees have winter on one side and spring or fall on the other).  His favorite thing to do with them is push them around in his new dump truck.

Toby got a new hat:

And we had a wonderful dinner (of which I forgot to take pictures) and fabulous yule log for dessert. (Recipe from Tenacious Lace).

Such a beautiful day!!

5 thoughts on “Winter Begins

  1. What a beautiful celebration! I’m so glad you were able to get some pictures, I would love to link to them when I make a follow-up post about the changes I used. If you have any helpful notes from your experience please let me know and I will share them too if you like. May your Winter be full of joy!

  2. 🙂 Kaia made me a beautiful necklace out of sculpey clay. Toby and I don’t usually exchange gifts, but I made him the hat anyway (I don’t like to follow that ‘no gifts’ rule!)

  3. mmm…the cake looks SO yummy! I found that recipe the day OF Solstice, and was So TEMPTED to make it, but lacked a proper oven! It looks beautiful and SO appropriate for the day!

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